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About Us

Traveller’s Companion :: Company Profile

New Look, tourist savvy and low profile Traveller’s Companion is a travel management consultant; With a market in view, but no segmentation; With experience, but no professional boast; Advocates eco-fragile responsible tourism but not ignoring conventional tours. We cultivate intimacy without being intimate.

Our slogan is Atithisatkar and our agenda are :-

  • Packages slung on tourist aptitude.
  • Senior- citizens’ leisure packages.
  • Packages for pleasant parental respite from restless school going kids.
  • Packages in guest of rural roots.
  • Management of tourist festivals fairs and carnivals, seminars and symposia.
  • Week- end relief from occupational stress.
  • Adventure packages for shy and the brave.
  • Tea-Tourism, Medical Tourism and Golf-Tourism packages.
  • Special Monsoon packages in Nature resorts with activities.

Our Other Services

  • More package tours all over India, Nepal & Bhutan.
  • Rental Car/Chartering Helicopter for Sikkim & Launch for Sundarbans/ Rental
  • Motor Cycle/ Mountain Bikes/ Mountaineering Equipments.
  • Tailor made packages for FIT & GIT.
  • Baggage & Accident Insurance.
  • Long Distance Bus Tickets (Ex – Siliguri)