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Darjeeling is one of the prettiest hill stations in India located in northern part of West Bengal. Dorzee (thunderbolt) + Ling (place), called widely as “QUEEN OF HILLS” – the majestic Kanchenjunga or Kanchendzongha (world’s third highest peak) stands as the crown of the Queen. Unparalleled visual of “Dawn” driving away the darkness of night, playing through tires of clouds and final coronation of the day with a tip of light at the head of Mt. Kanchendzongha will make you revisited ‘Tiger Hill’ for times and again. Experience the World Heritage Narrow Gauge Train with steam power called “Toy train”. Enjoy panoramic range of snow capped Himalayan peaks leisurely from its grand “mall” over a cup of Darjeeling tea. The simplicity of local people with colorful dress and smile will welcome you with warmth. The rich variety of flora and fauna with blooming orchids will make your visit unforgettable.

It’s all about magnificent views of snowcapped Kanchenjunga, torrents flowing down the mountain slopes, lovely tea gardens, landscapes with firs, pines & ferns, and all that combined with friendly people and modern yet colonial charm.
You can find about 4,000 different types of flowering plants in Darjeeling district including rhododendrons, orchids, magnolia etc, there are some 300 types of ferns including the rare fern trees.
And if you care to go around the forested land, you can see some amazing animal life like red pandas, pangolins, yellow throated martens, barking deer as well as leopards and even elephants in their natural habitats. And of course if your vacation plan is to relax, enjoy food, do shopping and sightseeing, the friendly natives like the Nepalis, Tibetans and Lepchas will make you feel perfectly at home as you enjoy the fabulous weather and charm of the place.

The Mall & Chow Rasta ::
The town square,is lined with shops,restaurants,curio dealers etc.It is aa good place to sit and relax. It is ideal for a leisurely walk around a setting that is perfect. A walk around The Mall is a must just at any time of the day with the pleasant view of the mountains, valleys with rhododendron trees and old houses.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute ::
HMI is considered India’s premier mountaineering Institute co-related with Himalayan Zoo. It has a beautiful museum divided into two parts. the first part depicts mountaineering, origin of HMI and culture of the mountain people. The second part deals exclusively with Mount Everest, its history and chronological study of various attempts made by humanity to climb this mountain. Collection of flora and fauna and relief model of Himalayas is a special attraction of the museum.

Batasia Loop
Located around 5 km from Darjeeling, Batasia loop is a spiral railway track where the toy train takes a complete 360 degree turn. The toy train descends by 1,000 ft. as it completes the loop through a large circular area.

Ghum Monastery
Samten Choling Buddhist Monastery is located in Ghum and is often referred as the Ghum Monastery.Ghum Monastery is located in Ghum conveniently on the Hill Cart Road some 7km away from the town.

Tiger Hill :
Tiger Hill is at a distance of 15 km. from Darjeeling. Situated at an altitude of 2590 metres (8482 ft.). An early morning trip to the Tiger Hill promises an unique experience. A view of the sunrise amidst the Himalayan range has earned it an international fame. Lying at an altitude of 2590 meters and a distance of 13 kilometres away from the Darjeeling, Tiger Hill is most famous for its splendid sights of the morning sunrise from where you can see the peaks of Mount Everest, the highest mountain and Kanchenjunga range.

Ava Art Gallery :
This is a gallery house of fine arts and embroidery.

Rock garden & Gangamaya Park ::
The Rock Garden and Gangamaya Park offers attractive picnic spots with natural waterfalls and boating facilities and is about 10-12 kilometers from the main Darjeeling town. There is a lake at the Gangamaya Park which is open for boating purposes. The Rock Garden or the Barbotey Garden as its commonly known, is located a little far from the city around ~10 km away. The benches in the garden are made by cutting rocks at different levels.

Places of Tourist Interest in Darjeeling::

  • Mall [Chowrasta]
  • Botanical Garden
  • Natural History Museum
  • Ava Art Gallery
  • Darjeeling Zoo
  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
  • Rangit Valley Rope Way
  • Lebong Race Course
  • Tiger Hill
  • Heritage rail ride
  • Railway Meuseum
  • Tibetan Refugee Self-help Centre
  • Rock Garden
  • Gangamaya Park
  • Buddhist Monasteries