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Lepchajagat, Darjeeling Himalaya

Lepchajagat is a small village located in wilderness of Sukhipokhri on the Ghoom-Mirik road. Although it’s quite close to Darjeeling city and takes only about 50 minutes by taxi, it has a world of its own. Lepchajagat is Located on a hill slope. This beautiful village is decorated with pine, oak and rhododendron forests. There is a Forest bungalow offers a magnificent view of Kunchenjunga snow ranges. A Lepchajagat is a nice peaceful location for Tourists basically the Honeymooners. At an altitude of 6,950 ft (i.e. 2122 meters) and only 20 kms away from Darjeeling hill town.

Lepchajagat – An Offbeat Tourist Spot

Thick dense woods of oaks, pines and rhododendrons surround this idyllic hill village. Lepchajagat, local dialect, means “World of Lepchas”. Lepchajagat takes its name from “Lepcha” meaning the indigenous inhabitants of the region, and “Jagat” symbolizing “world”.  West Bengal Forest development Corporation (WBFDC) took over the forests and converted it to a reserved forest area. This sleepy hamlet has undergone massive uplift under the West Bengal tourism’s eco-tourism initiative.

The town is mostly dwelled by the Lepcha community, which justifies its naming. Lepchajagat is famous for its magnificent Kanchenjunga views, teeming birdlife and overall tranquillity. Beside Honeymooners, it is also a great travel destination for busy citizens wanting to spend some time far from the maddening crowd!

First of all, you will love the serene tranquility, buried in the thick forest fog. Besides this you will find the chirps and calls of the birds enchanting. The silence is so loud, you can hear the forest breathing its life, and speaking to you its language.

Lepchajagat – The natural beauty

One of the main reasons to visit Lepchajagat is the stunning and breath-taking views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga at dawn. The mountain range consists of five main peaks. Lepchajagatis probably the only place that offers a view of all the five peaks of the Kanchenjunga. Beside this the forest offers great places to walk, hike or even camp, but also glimpses of frolicking birds and fleeting animals like hares and occasional leopards. You can catch a site of rare bird species like Fire-Tailed Sunbird and Rufous Sibia. The forests of Lepchajagat are truly a picture postcard comes alive with the beauty of colourful blossoms in full bloom and the verdant greenery of coniferous trees.

Other attractions near by Lepchajagat

Stay at a picturesque cottage (homestays are the only options here), sip away at a cup of warm Darjeeling tea and watch the amazing sunrise and sunset views of the Kanchenjunga. But if doing nothing seems too boring, then there are of course a lot of great sights in the near vicinity.  Next, visit the beautiful town of Sukhiapokhari.

Sukhiapokhari or Sukiapokhari or Sukeypokhari

Sukiapokhari or Sukeypokhari is the nearest beautiful town, it is just a 4 kms away covered with maple, pine, oak and chestnut forests. Jorepokhari about a km from the town here. Therefore you can have a visit to the beautiful Jorpekhari Lake. This is a natural lake, a home of Himalayan Salamandar. The Jorpekhari lake is cemented and decorated. There is a Shiva temple nearby. There is also tourist accommodation here. The place is very peaceful and offers nice views of the mountains around.

Pashupati Market

Pashupati – Only a short drive away at the Indo Nepal border is Pashupati Market. It is a Nepalese town on Indo-Nepal boarder just 15 kms or 30 minutes drive away from Lepchajagat. The town is also an entry way to Nepal. So, automatically your next stop would be in the Nepal’s Pashupati Market. After making an entry at the border check post, Indian tourists are allowed to go inside Nepal for shopping. But Indian tourist vehicles are not allowed. Also well known for the reason that the foreign goods are available at cheap prices. The market will definitely turn you into a shopaholic with its rich assortment of imported goods. You may also visit the peaceful Ghoom monastery during your sightseeing trip.

Tip: To visit the Pashupati Market you have to carry a valid ID proof. After crossing the border you may walk around the shops on foot.
Shopping tips: Electronic items, woollen garments and fashion wear are the popular items at Pashupati Market. But judge the authenticity of branded products before buying.

Even more, further along the route is Mirik town, 30 kms or about 45 minutes drive away. You can go to Mirik for a day trip and enjoy the mesmerizing Sumendu lake of Mirik, fringed with the pine forests. The floating fountain in the middle of the lake is a truly breathtaking sight.

So, when your heart calls out for tranquillity and quietude, Lepchajagat is your ideal trip destination.


There is a forest bungalow at Lepchajagat which has 6 room available for tourists. There are also a number of home stays and home lodges at Lepchajagat which offers decent rooms and amenities within limited budget. You may book your accommodation and transport with assistance from us. Contact Us and we will get back to you within a day.

How to reach Lepchajagat

Lepchajagat is 19 km. away from Darjeeling and approximately 8 km. from Ghoom Rly. Station or Ghoom Mirik Road.

If you prefer the rails, New Jalpaiguri is the nearest place. From here, the famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR), known to all as the ‘Toy Train’ completes the journey. Within the village, most places can be covered by foot. The walks are very pleasant and memorable experiences.

By taxi/shared jeep: 

Siliguri is the nearest town connected to the mainline rail network. Hence, ample transport is available to Lepchajagat from here. The route to Lepchajagat veers away to the left after you reach Ghoom. The most popular modes of transport are taxi (usually shared by three to four passengers).

Therefore, if you have arrived by train at New Jalpaiguri, you can take a taxi to reach Lepchajagat from the booking counter at the taxi stand in front of the railway station. Besides this, there is also a prepaid taxi stand available in front of the train station.


Finally, you can take a break from the city bustle to this quiet Himalayan village, and lose yourself in its high forests.

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